Why Frodo Baggins Is My Spirit Animal


Yesterday my Mum got me a Lego keychain figure of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings. I’m a big fan of LOTR (the books and the Peter Jackson movies) and Tolkien in general, and have been for years, yet this is the first LOTR Lego I’ve owned. (I don’t remember – was there Lego merchandise when the movies were coming out? I would’ve been in the right age range/demographic.)

Anyway. While appreciative, getting Frodo also greatly amused me as only earlier that same day I had had a nap. Drowsily I had thought, “I wish I could be like Elijah Wood right now!”

You see, during the filming of the LOTR movies Elijah Wood was constantly exhausted (he and the other Hobbit actors would be up at 4AM to get their hair and makeup done which could take two or three hours) and whenever there was a break from shooting or he wasn’t needed for filming, he’d go find somewhere to sleep. When it was time to shoot again, someone would go find him and wake him up. Even if it was only fifteen minutes he’d been sleeping, he’d wake up alert, full of energy, and would give the scene his all. Everyone on set was, naturally, amazed.

(In the behind the scenes featurettes of the extended editions, his co-stars talk about his ability to sleep and there’s even a brief montage of photos showing him asleep in full costume. It’s somewhere on YouTube…)

It is with that being said that I think Frodo Baggins is, for lack of a better term, my spirit animal. Or at the very least, should be my role model for sleep and the power of catnaps.


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