Reading “Coriolanus”

After watching National Theatre Live’s broadcast of “Coriolanus” last night and that I enjoyed very much, I’m now reading the play. The Arden edition and Folger Shakespeare Library edition.

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Welcome Obscurity

Welcome obscurity. It seems a funny thing in a world that’s focused on overnight successes and celebrities and big brands, but here’s the thing: they were once obscure, too. And even overnight successes aren’t truly overnight, they just seem that way afterward.

Obscurity allows you to experiment, and make mistakes without the whole world watching and that’s a good thing. Later on, the bigger and more popular you get, those early days will be remembered fondly and even missed.

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A Good Thing: Less is More

REWORK: “Constraints are advantages in disguise. Limited resources force you to make do with what you’ve got. There’s no room for waste. And that forces you to be creative.”

One of the ironies in life is that one would think that with unlimited resources and freedom that it would be easier to create, when in fact it’s often the opposite. When it’s limitless, it’s also easily disposable.

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What’s Your Excuse?

In REWORK, the authors express how a common statement many people make is that they don’t have enough time whenever they want to pursue a new project, whatever it is. If you really want to do something, you’ll find the time or make it. Then you’ll discover if you’re really interested or if it’s just a phase.

This reminded me one of Ken Robinson’s stories in THE ELEMENT. He talked about always wanting to learn to play the keyboard but if he really wanted to, he’d be practicing everyday.

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