Moby Dick Big Read

Finally. Having a stab at listening to this again – and properly this time, as I have still not yet finished reading the book itself.

Each chapter is read by a different person. (There are a total one hundred and thirty-five chapters; one download per chapter.) One of the readers is Nathaniel Philbrick, whose books about “Moby Dick” and the whaleship that inspired Herman Melville to write his epic masterpiece have inspired a fascination of my own with the subject matter.

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In the Heart of the Sea

Two days ago I read an interview with Nathaniel Philbrick, author of In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex. I first read his book Why Read Moby-Dick? which led me to read next In the Heart of the Sea late last year. It was while I was reading it that I learned that it was being made into a movie that I’ve since been anticipating eagerly.

Details about the movie have been sparse, but more news arrived yesterday that Ben Whishaw is confirmed to play Herman Melville, while Osy Ikhile will be playing Peterson, one of the sailors on the Essex. I’m curious as to how Herman Melville will be written in, as this incident (particularly the whale ramming the ship and its inevitable sinking) inspired him to write Moby Dick but he was not aboard the Essex, although he did later meet the son of the first mate Owen Chase (who will be played by Chris Hemsworth in the movie).

Although I haven’t yet reviewed In the Heart of the Sea here, I do fully recommend it for anyone interested in history or looking for a good adventure story (but based on fact). Even if one doesn’t know about ships or whaling, it is readable and Nathaniel Philbrick does a wonderful job of telling a story as well as informing.