I, Regress (Again)

It was announced at The Velvet Onion that there is a new series of Matt Berry’s radio comedy I, Regress beginning tonight at 11PM (GMT). If Matt Berry’s name rings a bell, you might recognize him from The IT Crowd as Douglas Reynholm, the son of the owner of Reynholm Industries or as Dixon Bainbridge from the first series of The Mighty Boosh TV show. In I, Regress he plays Dr. Berry – a hypnotherapist who uses regressive means to solve his patients’ phobias, with often dark and twisted results.

I caught the first series of I, Regress last year and it was a treat! The third episode was my favourite, with Dr. Berry treating a patient who has a fear of heights. Spoiler alert – pigeons are from the moon!

I, Regress airs tonight at 11PM (GMT) on BBC Radio 4. If you’re not in the UK, you can easily listen to it – from wherever you are, with an Internet connection – using TuneIn Radio, either online or the app.

The first series of I, Regress is also available to buy on iTunes. Each episode is sold individually as an EP for $1.99 (Canadian) each.